The CoS Approach

At CoS, our goal is to establish a new paradigm for animal care, creating an environment that is better for animals, easier for their caretakers, and more cost effective for donors. Every animal care organization has essentially the same  needs, and faces the same basic challenges. Small organizations just starting out may find it daunting to file for incorporation, establish charitable status, file annual reports, or maintain a web page. Small and large organizations may find themselves running out of space, or in need of temporary flexible space. And most importantly, when organizations fall on hard times due to issues such as finances, the health or age of their founders, or a slew of other reasons, animals once trusted to their care can face a profoundly uncertain future.

We strive to address these issues at two different levels, all at no cost to our partners. In the simplest case, we want to help new organizations with all the necessary state (Florida) and federal filings, and supply them with a basic webpage (on this site) that allows them to showcase their efforts, get others involved, or accept online donations. But our grand vision, for organizations willing to physically operate on our property in Martin County, FL, is to provide land for animal care/housing, as well as other shared infrastructure, including a hurricane-rated shelter with backup power, food preparation/storage areas, a workshop with common tools, and a basic veterinary exam room.  These are paid for and maintained by CoS, which also provides a full-time, resident site manager. Through a charitable trust established by our Founder, and a 99-year lease to our property (expires 2118), we anticipate that these benefits will be provided in perpetuity, ensuring long-term security for animals and their caretakers. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that no animal coming under the CoS umbrella should ever find itself in peril. Find more details on our Mission page, or download a copy of our Mission Statement here.

Why do we believe this approach represents a step forward? Just briefly (a more detailed discussion is located on our Founder's Page), there are benefits for the animals, their caretakers, partner organizations, and donors. The animals benefit in many ways, from increased oversight resulting from multiple organizations on a single site, to the security of knowing that their home will always be there, because it is covered by a perpetual trust. For caretakers, there is camaraderie with like-minded individuals, and the security that comes from knowing that those individuals will be there in time of need. For organizations, there is relief from worrying about maintenance of buildings, landscaping, tools, fences, wells, or generators, or about paying for these items, or paying property taxes, or a host of other things that get in the way of what's really important: taking care of their animals. And for donors, there is the satisfaction of knowing that your support is being used to maximum efficiency, because shared infrastructure is paid for only once (through CoS, and our generous donors), allowing donations to member organizations to be used directly for animal care.

What do we expect from our partners? They are responsible for building and maintaining their own animal housing (we may have limited temporary housing available), for taking care their own animals (feeding, enrichment, veterinary care, etc.), and for any costs directly related to their own organization (including liability insurance). As a tool to ensure open communication and transparency, partner organizations must accept a CoS designee to their Board of Directors, and have the option to make a reciprocal appointment to the CoS Board. Other than that, we require that our partners act in a manner consistent with respect for animals: no breeding, no exploitation for entertainment or profit, just good care and the chance for a life without misery.

Help us help them!

There are lots of ways you can help.  We would love to hear from you if you are interested in playing a part.  Please use our Contact page to get the ball rolling!