Ethel and Terrance

Setting a new standard for animal care

Our mission is to establish a new paradigm for animal care that provides benefits to animals, their caretakers, and the donors who make it all possible.

One part of our mission is common to most animal welfare organizations: to care for unwanted, neglected, abused, or homeless animals. What makes us different is our Approach. We recognize that all animal care organizations have the same basic needs: land, shelter, dry storage, an internet presence, etc. We believe that other than actual animal housing, most of these items are shareable, and that by sharing, costs can be reduced while providing even better care for the animals. The CoS Approach is intended to allow multiple animal welfare organizations to operate independently but synergistically on one site, with shareable infrastructure provided by CoS at no cost. CoS will provide and maintain the land and other sharable infrastructure, including a multi-use structure with food preparation areas, dry storage, a workshop, and basic veterinary exam/treatment room. This structure is constructed to 180+ mph wind load standards, and will also serve as a hurricane shelter for our animals. CoS also provides a full-time on-site resident manager, who is responsible for the maintenance and day-to-day operation of the site. Importantly, by virtue of a charitable trust endowed by our Founder, these benefits to our partners are intended to be provided in perpetuity. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that no animal coming under the CoS umbrella will EVER find itself in peril.

We can provide other services for offsite partners as well. You can download a more detailed copy of our Mission Statement here. Additional details can also be found in our Approach, and on our Founder's Page

We will need your help...

Even as we build our infrastructure, our finances are being tested. Our commitment to retain our public charity status also compels us to generate public support.  Please help us with our current projects by making a donation of any size.