Our Property

A Dream in the Making

Our property is located in northwestern Martin County, eleven miles west of I-95, just off the canopied vista of Martin Highway (a designated Florida Scenic Highway). It contains a variety of habitats, including pasture, overstory, and scrub, and features rare and endangered flora, a pair of resident Gopher Tortoises, and a year-round pond. At 35 feet above sea level, it's a high plateau by Florida standards, and does not flood. There are also two homes on the property, one reserved for the resident manager, and the other will be used to generate rental income.

CoS holds a 99-year lease to the property on which we operate (good until 2118). In June 2019, construction began on a 2000 square foot steel/concrete building that will feature food storage and preparation areas, dry storage, a fully equipped workshop, and a veterinary exam/treatment room. The building has been constructed to 180+ mph wind standards (vastly exceeding local requirements), and can also serve as a hurricane shelter for our animals if needed. Upon completion of this essential structure, construction will begin for housing for dogs, cats, and parrots. We expect to be fully operational in early- to mid-2020. See Happening Now for recent status updates, or visit our Timeline link for an overview of our current and future status.

In addition to domestic or livestock animals, we are committed to preserving and improving habitat for local wildlife. A professional contract for careful  removal of invasive plant species has recently been signed.  Over time, our goal is to replace turf grass areas with plants and shrubs that provide food and shelter to animals and insects. We want our place to be Their Place as well.

We can't do it without you...

Even if our finances were adequate to fully implement our plans, our status as a 501(c)(3) public charity is dependent on raising at least 1/3 of our total income from public donations. Please help us help them by clicking on the button below.