CoS policy on breeding and captive animals

The following is the official position of the Coalition of Sanctuaries on animal breeding and the keeping of animals in captivity. We wish to note that individual opinions of the members of the Board of Directors may vary slightly in terms of degree, but are generally in agreement on these issues.

At CoS, our policy on breeding animals and keeping animals in captivity is simple: 

  • we believe that the breeding of any animal is morally indefensible as long as there are other similar animals waiting for adoption, and/or being euthanized because there is nowhere to put them;

  • we believe that breeding of non-domesticated animals (parrots, lizards, snakes, etc) for a life in captivity is unacceptable, except for the purpose of conserving or restoring wild populations, for which an explicit plan for release into the wild must be in place;

  • we believe that taking any animal from the wild for the purpose of keeping it in captivity is unacceptable, except for the purpose of conserving or restoring wild populations, in which case an explicit plan for release into the wild must be in place;

While we strive to provide good homes for those animals that come under our care, we dream of a day when our services become unnecessary.