Central Florida Wildlife Center (d.b.a. Turtle Rescue USA)

We're so happy to be a part of The Coalition of Sanctuaries!

Central Florida Wildlife Center, doing business as Turtle Rescue USA, is a non profit 501c3 public charity. For more than 20 years, we have been dedicated to the care of sick, orphaned, or injured  turtles and tortoises. Our primary focus is the threatened Florida Gopher tortoise, as well as other native chelonians. Our goal is the safe release of rehabilitated animals back to where they belong, in the wild! In the interim, we offer them a natural, supervised, and safe place to heal on our central Florida property of 5 wooded acres.

We also operate an extensive adoption facility located in Tampa, Florida, where we re-home non-native (exotic) tortoises and turtles, for their well being and to prevent them from being released into the wild. Potential adopters are thoroughly screened, and must provide veterinary references as well demonstrating the capacity for proper housing.

The facilities generously provided by CoS will be utilized by us in a number of ways. Most importantly, the 1/3 acre, year-round pond will serve as a safe, supervised release point for rehabilitated turtles being sent back into the wild, and as a habitat for turtles that can never be fully rehabilitated. The hurricane-rated steel building constructed by CoS will serve as a secure shelter for many of our animals during weather-related emergencies, as well as a meeting place for social events. We look forward to many, many years of fruitful collaboration, working together to make a real difference for these animals.

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